1st Jan, New Zealand Chinese 'Love China, send your message to homeland'
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2011-01-05/114751.shtml

17th Apr, 417 Carnival and Skykiwi 10th anniversary celebration
news: http://radio.skykiwi.com/report/2011-04-18/120355.shtml

5th Jun, Second lecture of Skykiwi 'Kids and Parenting' event 
news: http://radio.skykiwi.com/report/2011-06-07/122920.shtml

22nd Aug, Hakazone Magazine Special Issue for Skykiwi 10th Birthday
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2011-08-22/126756.shtml

22nd Aug, Third lecture of Skykiwi 'Kids and Parenting' event
news: http://radio.skykiwi.com/report/2011-08-22/126800.shtml

Sep, Skykiwi Forum upgrade to X2
19th Oct, Skykiwi Forum Wap Version online
Link: http://bbs.skykiwi.com/misc.php?mod=mobile

8th Nov, Skykiwi Mall Online
News: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2011-11-08/130479.shtml
Link: http://mall.skykiwi.com


10th Feb, 2010 Skykiwi reception party
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2010-02-11/94643.shtml

Jun~July, 2010 Skykiwi Soccer Babies Competition
review: http://radio.skykiwi.com/ent_nz/2010-07-14/104761.shtml

1st July, The initial issue of Hakazone, the first quarterly magazine of Skykiwi
Special page: http://hakazone.skykiwi.com/about.shtml

Oct, Skykiwi SNS iHome celebrated its 2nd anniversary and upgraded to 2.0 version

7th Nov, First lecture of Skykiwi 'Kids and Parenting' event
events news: http://radio.skykiwi.com/report/2010-11-08/111393.shtml

Dec, Skykiwi 'Christmas Wish Tree'
page link: http://opage.skykiwi.com/survey/xmas


23rd Jan, Revision of Skykiwi and "Tian Wei Wang", its Chinese name came into use
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2009-01-23/60647.shtml

20th Apr, Skykiwi.com ranked #1 based on market share of visits among all New Zealand websites in the Hitwise “News and Media - Community Directories and Guides” industry in 2008.
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/kj/2009-04-21/68223.shtml

6th May, Liao Juhua the Chinese Consul-General in Auckland visited Skykiwi office
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2009-05-06/69833.shtml

21st May, Pansy Wong the minister paid a visit to Skykiwi office
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2009-05-21/71374.shtml

1st Oct, Skykiwi joined with United Chinese Associations of New Zealand Inc. to hold flag-raising ceremony on China National Day.
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2009-10-01/84082.shtml

20th Dec, A special Golden Christmas Channel launched
link: http://www.skykiwi.com/xmas/


27th Feb, 2007 Skykiwi reception party
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2008-02-27/41290.shtml

7th Apr, Formal sale of Skykiwi's second edition of membership card and year book

21st Apr, Skykiwi membership channel launched

27th Apr, 27 Apr Auckland Chinese congregation for Beijing Olympics
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2008-04-27/43405.shtml

13rd May, Sponsored New Zealand Chinese Olympian Wang Yang the competition gun for 2008 Beijing Olympics
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/ty/2008-05-13/44015.shtml

14th May, Joined with Chinese Herald, New Zealand Chinese Website and Chinese New Settlers Services Trust to hold the donation event for quake-hit Wenchuan
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2008-05-28/44570.shtml

Jun~Sep, 2008 Oceania "Miss Zodiac Pageant”
link: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/yl/2008-09-08/48526.shtml

26th Sep, Investment Channel launched

Oct, new interactive SNS individual space of Skykiwi iHome launched
link: http://ihome.skykiwi.com


7th Mar, Revision of new home page and news channel
link: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2007-04-03/30796.shtml

29th Jul, Skykiwi Annual party "Vanity Fair"
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/yl/2007-07-30/34706.shtml

6th Aug, 3,000 skykiwi.bbs users were online simultaneously

Sep, Comprehensively reported Naiyin Xue case which brought attention to the Chinese community and mainstream media
link: http://www.skykiwi.com/s/xny/

12nd Nov, Skykiwi's second edition of membership card project launched
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2007-10-08/36911.shtml


12nd May, attracts over 50,000 unique daily IP visits

Jun~July, 2006 World Cup "Soccer Baby Pageant"
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/kj/2006-07-12/23437.shtml

1st Jul, The inaugural issue of Skykiwi Newsletter

29th Jul, Skykiwi Annual Party—Red Carpet
Party Links: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/yl/2006-07-30/24122.shtml

Aug, Release of Sunshine beyond the Rain network drama
link: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2006-08-04/24321.shtml

24th Aug, Establishment of Skykiwi Christchurch Branch

Jul~Sep, Initiated by Skykiwi and in cooperation with other organizations, Johanna Roddakker, a Christchurch elderly lady has fulfilled her dream of travelling to China
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/sh/2006-11-10/27237.shtml

Sep, Two mainstream magazines reported Skykiwi's unlimited interactive development
news: http://news.skykiwi.com/na/zh/2006-08-28/25183.shtml

13rd Nov, web radio started airing

22nd Dec, Extraordinary Office new year short film
video: http://vimeo.com/21279484


Jan, News Department established and News channel launched

Jul, Co-organized "Donation for starving African children"

Aug, Comprehensive revision of homepage

Aug, Media sponsored the event of "face to face" between Phoenix TV and NZ overseas Chinese students

Aug~Oct, 2005 Skykiwi "Miss Zodiac Pageant”